At Wallace Stuart Lady Funeral Directors of North Petherton, Bridgwater, we offer a service providing all aspects of funeral care and arrangements beginning from the moment you contact us.


Our lady funeral directors will able to guide you through the next steps and help you with as much, or as little of the arrangements as you require and are available to you and your family 24 hours a day to try and ease the burden that you may be feeling.


We appreciate that no two families are the same and we will tailor our services to meet your individual needs, whilst ensuring that you are fully involved in making the funeral of your loved one a special and personal occasion. Our commitments are threaded through everything we do.


Wallace Stuart is owned and run by ladies - Lel Wallace and Sarah Stuart. They are your first point of contact, day or night, and will gently lead you through the process. Ladies are in charge of all practicalities -  from bringing your loved one into our care, to guiding and supporting you on the day. 


We are firmly committed to a more gentler way of doing things so you get to know us very well as we celebrate and commemorate an important life together. We are passionate about the role we play and it shows in everything we do. We understand that each family is unique, with their own traditions and personal requests.


A woman's understanding can make all the difference to the precious memories your family will have forever.


We offer a full range of services for men, women and children and tailor services for all cultural and religious backgrounds.


We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Call Sarah or Lel on (01278) 664400




WE ARE so proud and honoured to have been placed SECOND for the National Award as "Modern Funeral Director Of The Year" and HIGHLY COMMENDED for the awards of "Traditional Funeral Director Of The Year" and "Low Cost UK Funeral Director Of The Year". 


These award's means so much to us because it is our past families and clients who nominated us and it is an independent panel of judges so THANK YOU to everyone.


Charles Cowling, director of The Good Funeral Guide said "This is where we shine the spotlight on those who work so hard for the bereaved and who can be so easily overlooked. It's where we say to them "Thank you for being there at a time when we shall need you". The world needs to know that some of the nicest people in Britain work in the funeral industry and the ladies at Wallace Stuart are forward-thinking, groundbreaking, creative people whose commitment to providing affordable funeral care has made them a formidable force for good".


We firmly believe that our difference is our strength and we are changing the face of funeral care. A good funeral is about what you say and do, not what you spend - when all is said and done you'll look back with pride.