When you and your family go through loss, the feelings of grief can be overwhelming. Professional bereavement support provides space to talk about your loss, work through the emotions associated with it and offer guidance on how to come to terms with your feelings. It can be invaluable – especially when you’re trying to support others while dealing with your own grief too. At Wallace Stuart, we believe that everyone deserves support as they make their way through loss. This is why we’ve pulled together this selection of support resources available for the entire family.

At a Loss

This online website provides the UK with signposting towards bereavement support across the world. They are there to help you find bereavement counsellors, connect with organisations and ensure you have the tools needed to move forward.

Child Bereavement UK

A nationwide service that helps families deal with both the loss of a child or a child’s bereavement of someone important in their lines. This organisation has an interactive website for families as well as a support line and professional training programme too.

The BEAD Project

Designed specifically for those who have lost someone to drugs or alcohol, the BEAD project was set up by Cruse Bereavement Care and Adfam to provide tailored support during this tough time.


Run by a road safety charity, Brake is there for those mourning the loss of a loved one through road accidents. It offers training for young people and support for community champions to ensure safe, healthy mobility.

CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young)

There to help prevent young sudden cardiac deaths through awareness and research, CRY also exists to provide emotional and clinical support to those families who have been affected by this condition.

The Lullaby Trust

The Lullaby Trust is in place to provide clear guidance on safe sleeping for babies as well as raising awareness of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and providing emotional support to bereaved families.

The Support After Suicide Partnership

This organisation is there to bring together suicide bereavement organisations and those who have lived through such an experience. It is there to make sure that these families have the support they need when they need it.

Finding the right professional support can make a significant difference – especially when you’re working through such a difficult time. At Wallace Stuart, we offer compassionate and supportive service to ensure you have the right team by your side at all times. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of us, please do get in contact here today.