Wallace Stuart is a Bridgwater funeral director and the only funeral home in Somerset that has Green FD approval.

That means that members of the public can expect to find options for more sustainable, natural and eco-friendly funerals. The approval by the Association of Green Funeral Directors encourages funeral directors to become more green-minded. They are a non-profit organisation aiming to bring natural eco-friendly funerals into the mainstream.

What Are Natural Funerals?

In short, the essence of a natural funeral is simplicity. Consequently, it rejects the idea of the traditional-style funerals for something more natural. These burials are often performed in an unspoilt landscape rather than a conventional cemetery. For example, a Somerset natural woodland burial in Burnham could be arranged to meet the requests of your loved one. Additionally, natural funerals reject artificial elements, including lacquered coffins with brass handles, strict ceremonies and embalming.

They are also eco-friendly because each one cares for the deceased with a minimal impact on the environment. Green burials can also help you to maintain religious traditions.

Moreover, you can choose certain elements within a traditional funeral service to work with a natural burial. For example, choosing a Somerset willow coffin which will biodegrade over time without negatively impacting the surrounding environment. Here are some of the reasons why a greener funeral may meet your needs.

Natural Burials, your way

  • Ideal if you prefer a burial over a cremation.
  • Eco coffins for cremations are a much greener option that reduces carbon waste and damage to the environment.
  • Your loved ones ashes can also be buried in natural burial grounds, allowing you more freedom in choosing their perfect location.
  • A coffin made from natural, sustainable biodegradable material like willow, cardboard or bamboo will biodegrade over time without harming the ground around it.
  • Natural burials help to minimise embalming – a process that uses potentially toxic chemicals.
  • The gravesite will promote the body’s natural contact with soil for decomposition in a way that a lead-lined coffin does not.
  • Opting for a natural burial ground allows you to choose a more scenic, beautiful, peaceful or a meaningful location. These are usually a permanent site designed specifically for burial plots.

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