In March we were contacted by a lovely family who wanted to arrange a coffinless  cremation…with one exception…they wanted to also use a traditional hearse.

We needed to keep this final journey as respectful as possible so we contacted P H Coates, our local willow coffin supplier and together we designed “The Mave”. A coffinless coffin board with a made to measure “privacy”  lid.

coffinless cremation - the Mave Coffinless cremation coffinless cremation - The Mave

Once The Mave was safely settled on to the catafalque at the crematorium, the lid was removed, enabling the family to cover their loved one with their chosen flowers – a beautiful sight and such a comfort for the family, to be able to touch their loved one, wrapped in her favourite blanket.

We are often given challenging requests and we are so proud to have given the family everything they needed to say the perfect goodbye.