Laying your loved one to rest is an emotionally ridden and challenging time for anyone. Taking control of your own end-of-life plans takes the pressure of making daunting decisions away from those you love. And, one of the key decisions you should think about is whether you’ll want a funeral or cremation when that time comes. Both ceremonies provide opportunities to celebrate your life and bring friends and family closer. In this blog, we’ll cover both and provide advice to help you choose the right option for you.


These ceremonies provide a structured celebration of life and an opportunity for people to say goodbye to the deceased. They can be either traditional or simple in line with traditions such as wearing all-black or using a black hearse for the coffin transportation or more understated with a simple coffin and more personalised details. With funerals, you will need to choose a gravesite and have the option of adding a gravestone or grave marker. This provides the loved ones you leave behind with a fixed spot they can visit on special occasions or use to pay their respects.


Exact funeral costs will depend on aspects such as how lavish of a coffin you choose or whether you want to hire traditional vehicles for transport. However, on average, funerals will cost anywhere from £995 to £3,000.


During cremation, a person’s remains are placed in a specialist furnace (also known as a cremator) and heated to transform them into ashes. Some people look to combine their funeral with a cremation while others favour a traditional burial. Cremations are an increasingly popular choice, in line with the rising costs of gravesites and the annual maintenance fees. Your ashes can be kept in an urn within a loved one’s home or scattered at your favourite location.


Similar to funerals, the exact costs of a cremation will depend on how simple or traditional you want the ceremony. Direct cremations are the simplest version, being unattended and undertaken without a ceremony. Instead, family members may choose to hold a ‘celebration of life’ or memorial service. They are a low-cost option, with the average price coming in at just £995. On the other hand, traditional cremations can include everything from the collection of the deceased and a simple coffin through to a black hearse and a Minister, Celebrant or Humanist to carry out the ceremony. Costs for a full traditional cremation can reach upwards of £2,700.

How to Choose?

The right celebration of life to choose for you will be one that feels right. If you have the budget and want to ensure there is an opportunity for all of your loved ones to say their goodbyes, you may feel more drawn towards a traditional funeral. Alternatively, if you’re a low-fuss person, a direct cremation may be the most fitting way to plan your departure. Either way, Wallace Stuart Ltd are here to help you and your family plan for and get through these challenging times with support and care. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our team, please do get in contact with us today.