The prices you find on our website include all the necessary features needed for a funeral to take place. However, we understand that these services are personal to each and every family. This is why we have a selection of funeral services with optional extras that can help you to do just that. Whether it is the person’s favourite flowers, a camper van hearse or a personalised ashes casket, we are working hard to make sure you can find exactly what you are looking for.


We can provide any type of vehicle you wish – from traditional limousines, traditional  hearse to flat bed lorries, VW Camper van and rainbows. We will also help if you wish to provide your own transport – if we can, we will always try and say yes.


There is something emotive and personal about having someone’s favourite flowers with them as they are laid to rest. As they are such a personal choice, the price can vary enormously from one arrangement to another. Below, you will see some of the tributes we have created for families with our local Taunton-based florist. If you have a specific enquiry, such as coffin sprays or individual letters, we will try our hardest to source them for you. The prices below are a suggested estimate:

  • Coffin Spray (3ft) – from £130
  • Coffin Spray (5ft) – from £155
  • Floral tribute (per letter) – from £55 per letter
  • Hand-tied – from £120
  • Posy (16″) – from £110

After a cremation, your loved one’s ashes will be returned to us in a cardboard urn, free of charge. This urn is perfect for scattering the ashes. However, if you want to make this final resting place more personal, we can source an ashes casket specifically for you. Below you will find examples of some options but know that the scope of possibility is endless. If you know the style and type of casket or urn you are looking for, we will try our hardest to source them for you.

  • Out of hours removal – £150
  • Extra bearer – £35
  • Hygienic treatment – £160
  • Removal of pacemaker – £75