Simple cremation

Simple options for those who do not want the “traditional” approach or who would prefer a low cost funeral and simple cremation.

The cost of a simple cremation is:

£2,725.00 Fully Inclusive

Cremation based on Taunton Deane Crematorium fee

  • Please note: Taunton Deane now add a surcharge of £64 to deliver deceased early

£2,750.00 Fully Inclusive

Cremation based on Sedgemoor Crematorium fee   MONDAY – WEDNESDAY

£2, 850.00 Fully Inclusive

Cremation based on Sedgemoor Crematorium fee  THURSDAY – FRIDAY
(Sedgemoor crematorium charge £100 more for a service on Thursday-Friday. We do NOT charge any extra for our services if held on those days)


The above prices includes:

  • Meeting with you to discuss the funeral arrangements
  • 24 hour professional support and advice
  • Help on registration, documentation and certification
  • One Doctor’s cremation paperwork fees
  • Collection of the deceased
  • Care of deceased prior to funeral including chapel visits if requested
  • Foil Oak Veneered coffin (or choose another coffin) up to 6 ft2 x 20
  • Minister, Celebrant or Humanist to conduct the service
  • Meet family at the crematorium on day of funeral at the crematorium
  • Funeral Director on day of funeral
  • Simple cremation urn (or choose another urn)
  • Cremation fee

In cases where the coroner is involved, and there is no need for the doctor’s medical certificates (Crem 4 & 5), this fee will be deducted from the final invoice.

We were the first funeral directors in Somerset to offer a coffin-less funeral. We use a charging board and shroud instead of a traditional coffin. This is an option for those who would prefer a more eco friendly cremation.

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