A Glitter /Sparkle coffin really is a spectacular alternative to the more traditional coffin.

If you’re looking for something with a wow factor, these awesome glitter coffins are really stunning!

A beautiful glitter coffin is a fantastic way to reflect and celebrate your loved ones life. These coffins are made to order and then upholstered by hand. Therefore, you can choose from a range of glitter options, including colours.

The mesmerising stunning glitters are made up of a chunky crackle glitter which catches the light beautifully. Giving the ultimate sparkle effect on a sunny day or when the light catches the glitter flex.

Glitter Ashes Casket

Ashes Caskets are also available in a range of stunning colours too. They are also made to order for you.

glitter ashes boxes

This video courtesy of our trade stockist The Glitter Coffin Company captures the spectacular sparkle effect.

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