Funding the right burial plot

If you’re planning a burial for someone who has passed, finding the right burial plot can be the difference between feeling a long-lasting connection with a loved one or finding it difficult to say goodbye. A burial plot can become a place where family members and friends can go to feel close to the deceased. Therefore, it’s important to know how to go about finding the right space and everything that goes along with buying one. Read our guide to learn more here.

A Burial Plot GuideWhat Is a Burial Plot?

A burial plot is defined as an area of land where an individual’s body is to be buried. Most plots in the UK are located either on private land or in a cemetery, while some can be found in woodlands too.

There are several different types, including:

  • Single plots used for individuals.
  • Companion plots where two spaces are sold together – generally to a couple.
  • Family plots where a small area of land is purchased to allow members of a family to be buried alongside each other.
  • Cremated plots where people’s ashes are scattered in between traditional burial plots.

How Do You Find a Burial Plot?

For some, the exact spot they would like to be buried may be specified in their will or the details left behind with their funeral plan. However, if you’re left with the task to find a burial plot for a loved one, there are some things you should consider. Under UK law, you have the right to be buried in the graveyard or burial grounds where you reside. The individual also has the right to be buried in the parish of which they are registered on the electoral register at the time of their death. If you’re considering laying your loved one to rest on private land, this is legal under UK law once the death has been registered officially.

The best way to find available burial plots is to contact your local churchyard. They will be able to advise. You may also choose to enlist this in the hands of a professional Funeral Director who will use their base of contacts to find you the most suitable burial plot.

Exclusive Right of Burial

In the UK, you don’t legally own a burial plot. Instead, these spaces are leased out for a set period of time under what is known as an Exclusive Right of Burial. These rights permit you to dictate who can be buried on a space of land for some time. They also cover the means to erect a memorial, such as a gravestone or a statue. In the event that you die with the Exclusive Rights of Burial to a space, you will automatically be granted the right to be buried there or have your ashes scattered. After this, the rights will become part of your estate.

Exclusive Rights of Burials are granted for a period of 99 years. After this time, a letter is sent to the last known address of the person on the Deed, informing them that the rights have expired. You can also transfer the rights of a burial site to another person by submitting a statutory declaration form.

The Average Price of Burial Plots

As with most things, the cost of a burial plot will depend on where in the country you wish to bury your loved one. The average cost is around £1800. Obviously, the cheaper option is to have the deceased buried on owned land of the family. But without that luxury, many people have to look towards finding the right burial plot in a privately-owned cemetery.

You will also notice an obvious price difference between a single, companion and family burial plot – simply due to the space of land that you’re looking for. If you consider how limited space is in more centralised towns, including London, it makes sense why the price of these plots can be significantly higher. In order to purchase a burial plot, you will need to contact the landowner to find out the exact availability and cost.

Should I Consider a Woodland Plot for Burial?

As the name suggests, a woodland burial plot is one set in a much more rural location. They have a host of benefits, including being more environmentally friendly and sustainable. But they can also be significantly cheaper than traditional cemetery plots. Because the rights for these sites differ too, you may also have the opportunity to permanently own your chosen plot rather than having to deal with an Exclusive Right of Burial contract.

Even on a woodland burial site, you will need to factor in fees for digging of the grave and Grave Deeds as well as whether or not you will be allowed to mark the site with a gravestone or plaque. Some sites, especially those are specifically driven towards eco-friendly burials, may request a biodegradable grave marker or none at all.

Who Can Help You Find a Burial Site?

Planning a funeral, no matter how demure or simple, is a complicated task. This is why we always recommend working with a professional Funeral Director. We have a wealth of experience in our field, allowing us to find you a burial plot that fits the requests of your loved one. And, by organising everything on your behalf, we aim to take away a degree of stress from this highly emotional time.

Here at Wallace Stuart Ltd, we provide a sensitive and compassionate lady funeral director service to each and every one of our families. Working with you closely, we’ll help you to find a burial plot that feels fitting for the one you’re laying to rest. And, at all stages, we’ll stand alongside you to help ensure you get all the support and help you need. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of us, please do get in contact here today.