When it comes time to lay your loved one to rest, celebrating in a way befitting to them is one way to help ease this hard time. A funeral should be a moment to pause and remember them in life. It can bring a great deal of comfort to the family, allowing them a few more moments in the presence of a loved one and plays a key role in the grief process. At Wallace Stuart, we are dedicated to helping families organise funerals that meet every single need. This is why we’re here to help you personalise this day. Let’s look at ways to personalise a funeral here. We do not like to say ‘no’ so if there is a special request, we will do all we can to ensure we can do it.

Guest Clothing

While traditionally funeral clothing was deemed to be black, sombre, traditional and respectful, choosing different colour pallets can help to bring the vivacity of your loved one into this service. This is an easy way to add brightness to the day and give a personal touch. It doesn’t have to be eccentric. Simply asking attendees to wear an item of your loved one’s favourite colour or passing out coloured flowers to people as they arrive can be enough to make the day feel truly special.We traditionally wear morning suits, but we are happy to accommodate any personal requests if we can.

Photo Displays

Funerals are emotionally driven events and it can sometimes be challenging to think of the good times you shared. Having a display of photographs set throughout the ceremony helps to bring them back to life. It creates a conversation starter during times where words can feel hard to come by. And, it fills a room with the warmth and personality of your loved one instantly. Most crematoriums have a system and screen that enables photos to be played – they can be set to a favourite piece of music or they can be on a loop throughout the ceremony. If the service is held in a church, we can provide screens and projector systems to play photo tributes.


Playing your loved ones favourite music or genre of music during the service can be particularly emotive. It’s likely that listening to these sounds was a time when they felt most happy and free. Therefore, you are able to bring a sense of that into this celebration of their life. Any music goes, so even if deemed a little out there, if it was special then request it!

Order of Service

During a funeral, the order of service is handed out to help layout how the ceremony will run. This includes everything from hymns through to readings etc. One way to add a personal touch is to create a celebration of their life in print. Use photographs of them at their happiest. Pop in quotes that they lived by or use colours that brought them true joy. This document can be created as a true homage that every attendee can keep with them forever. We design the booklets in house and they can be laid out however you wish.

However, you choose to mark the passing of a loved one, adding a personal touch promises to make the event feel more specific to them. At Wallace Stuart Limited, we’re dedicated to helping you celebrate the life of the person you care about at a price you can afford. Please contact us today for more information about the services we provide.