If you’re from Burnham-on-Sea and have recently lost a loved one, we can provide various services unique to your situation. We realise how distressing this is. Therefore, we give all of our customers a kind and courteous service.

As lady funeral directors we are more than qualified to offer professional guidance and support throughout the process. We understand that meeting in our office might not be for everyone, so we’re then happy to come to you. Also, affordability is important to us. That’s why we have a variety of budget-friendly options available.

We believe it is essential to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away, and we offer a range of services that allow you to do this. We can help you plan a funeral that reflects the personality and life of your loved one.


What Should You Do Following a Loss?

Firstly, take a breath. Yes, there are people that need to be notified but you do not have to rush. Take a moment and gather your thoughts.

Firstly, a medical professional needs to verify that they have passed away. This can be a GP, a registered nurse or in the case of sudden death, an ambulance technician. Once they have been verified, we are allowed to bring them into our care. This is at your pace – whether you want us to come straight away, or wait for an hour or two or even the following day – we are led by you. If you have family that wants to come and say goodbye before we arrive, we will work around your wishes.

When we arrive, you are welcome to help us move your loved one – or you can leave all practicalities to us. We can help you wash them, dress them – we will do as much or as little as you want us to.

When you are ready, we will take your loved one to our premises at North Petherton, where they will rest until the funeral.

If your loved one passes away at a Hospital, then we are led by the hospital mortuary on releasing your loved one into our care. You will be instructed to speak to the Bereavement Officer at the hospital to go through the paperwork and to release the body to us.

There are then officials that you need to notify. If they have passed at home, you would contact their local GP surgery to raise the paperwork for either burial or cremation – they send this electronically to the local register office. Please Note: this can take a day or two, especially if they passed away through the night.

Your first call to the Registrar will involve leaving your details and basic information. The Registrar will then call you in a day or two to make an appointment for you to go to the local office to register the death. They will tell you what to take with you. The appointment takes approx 45 minutes. The Registration process can take between 4 and 6 days – they are extremely busy and we are advised that we do not set a funeral date until you have had the first contact with the Registrar.

Finally, you will need to start organising the funeral. This can seem daunting, but Sarah and Lel are here to help you with everything, to help make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Arranging A Funeral In Burnham On Sea

Arranging a funeral is hard enough, let alone when it’s for someone close to you. Wallace Stuart feels what you’re going through and wants to ensure the service is carried out exactly how the deceased would have wanted it, as well as provide support for the loved ones.

We take pride in our approach to each client and will spend however long it takes to get every detail right.

Choosing a funeral director is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. We realise that this procedure may be time-consuming at Wallace Stuart, and we’re here to assist you with every step.

We understand that every family is different, and each person’s wishes will vary. That’s why we offer a range of services to choose from, so you can create a unique and special funeral for your loved one.

We Provide Affordable Funeral Services in Burnham On Sea

Direct Cremation

Direct, non-attended cremations provide a more affordable and straightforward option for those looking to say goodbye to their loved ones. Families can remove the stress of arranging a traditional funeral ceremony by opting for a cremation-only funeral.

An unattended cremation, also known as a “direct cremation,” is a funeral service that does not include a ceremony. This alternative is excellent for people who want to say goodbye to their loved ones without having to put up with the stress. A direct cremation is a low-cost option, making it more accessible for families.

We will help you arrange a simple cremation without a funeral, ensuring that your loved one is looked after with care and respect. Your loved one receives the same high level of care and respect as always provided but on the day set by you for the cremation, we take your loved one to the crematorium and no one else attends. You can of course choose a special piece of music that can be played as we walk into the chapel.

Do It Your Way

If you want a do it your way service to take care of all the logistics, paperwork, and preparation for the funeral, or you want some advice, then we are happy to help you. We will always agree on a cost with you so you can plan your finances accordingly. We can help with any aspect of the funeral that may be difficult for you – need an estate car on the day? Help with completing paperwork or just some friendly advice? Just ask, and we will help in any way we can.

Traditional Funeral

When thinking about a traditional funeral, a few things usually come to mind – a hearse, black clothing, and a sombre mood. If this is the type of funeral you want, we can help make all the arrangements.

At Wallace Stuart, we understand that every family is unique and that each person’s death is personal. We work with local crematoriums and churches to create the perfect funeral service for your loved one. This might include music choices, readings, and poems that are special to them. No two families are the same, so we will work with you to create a perfect funeral for your loved ones and their unique personalities.

You deserve a memorable and significant send-off. Traditional or not, we will help you make it happen. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help ease your burden during this difficult time.

Simple Cremation

The cost of a simple cremation can vary, but it is generally lower than that of a traditional funeral. This option may be a good choice for families who want to say goodbye informally to their loved ones. We provide all the help and support you need to make the process easy and stress-free.

Why Choose Us as your Funeral Director in Burnham On Sea?

Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one. That’s why Wallace Stuart offers a range of funeral services in Burnham On Sea to meet the needs of all our clients.

We know that each family is different, and we provide various funeral services to fit their needs. We can assist you in planning any cremation or traditional funeral ceremony, whether simple or elaborate.

We are available to support you at any stage of the process, and we’ll work with you to craft a farewell ceremony that is fitting and respectful for your loved one. We realise how difficult this time is for you, and we want to make the procedure as simple as possible.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact us now. It would be a pleasure to assist you in saying goodbye to your loved one in a meaningful and lasting way.