Whenever a milestone comes around, the feelings of grief associated with losing a loved one can re-emerge. This is why we believe it can help to consider memorial gifts this Christmas. Tokens of affection that show a loved one is still very prominent in your life. And gifts that mean more than anything else in the world. In this blog, we’ll look at several ideas that can help make this time that bit easier.

Memorial Jewellery

Jewellery that encapsulates ashes within its design is a beautiful way to feel connected to your loved ones when they’re gone. Whether this is done by having their ashes crafted into diamonds for a pendant or laid into glass, each piece is 100% unique. When you work with these companies, you have freedom over design and style. This means you can make something truly bespoke that brings back the fondest memories whenever you look at it. Some suppliers allow you to combine different ashes into a single piece of jewellery, making it a cherished way to keep beloved couples together even after death.

Engraved Photo Frames

Sometimes, it is being able to look into the eyes of your loved one that will truly bring you peace. So, having an engraved photo frame in eyesight while you get about your festivities can deliver true joy. Think about having a special message engraved – perhaps a quote that they lived by or a lyric from their favourite song. Small details like this turn something simple into a piece that will take pride of place on your shelves for years.

Grave Marker Memorials

If visiting your loved one’s grave is where you find peace, consider having a custom grave marker created. These decorative items can be placed next to or on the grave to give personality to this pace. Consider choosing one crafted to look like their favourite animal or one of an angel with an image placed inside.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Finally, having something specific to this season can help to bring to life a loved one’s joy. There are a multitude of personalised Christmas tree memorial decorations out there. Opt for ones with quotes that bring back happy memories or photo decorations to keep them at the heart of your celebrations.

At Wallace Stuart Limited, we believe that marking the life of a loved one helps you to process their passing easier. It allows you to remember the life you spent with them while keeping their memory alive. We are here to help support you through the funeral process, with guidance and compassion. If you would like to speak to us for advice or information, please do get in contact here today.