Funerals provide the opportunity for people to say goodbye to the one they have lost. For some people, they are a source of comfort. For others, they are difficult ceremonies to work through that prove too challenging during times of grief. And, for others, they are scheduled on days where work cannot be re-arranged or unavoidable prior engagements mean you cannot attend. Missing a funeral can feel particularly hard so here are our tips for navigating these emotional times.

What To Do If You Have To Miss A Funeral

Whatever your reasonings are, the first thing you need to do in this instance is to let the family you will be unable to attend. The process before these events can be particularly challenging to those who were close to the deceased. Therefore, we recommend doing so by letter or in a sympathy card. If you feel close enough to the organiser or feel that more personal touch would be appreciated, you can do so over the phone.

You may wish to send a sympathy gift, flowers or to make a donation in the deceased’s name to a specific charity as a gesture of goodwill. If possible, offer to help in some way while ensuring it is convenient for them. And, if you can attend any other events or ceremonies to say your goodbyes, try to do so.

When Should You Not Miss A Funeral?

End of life celebrations are hard for everyone who has loved the person they have lost. Sometimes, the idea of standing in a room of grief can feel overwhelming. There are times where this doesn’t feel like the right show of love for you. However, we always encourage family and loved ones to consider the feelings of those in the intimate family to the deceased. Funerals, while an opportunity for you to say your goodbyes are also a show of support for the families. If possible, you should definitely try to attend a funeral if:

  • You are an immediate relative
  • You are very close relatives or friends with the family
  • You are able to, outside of work arrangements or financial restrictions.

Here at Wallace Stuart Ltd, we understand that everything doesn’t always fit into a neat box. There may be times where your presence at a funeral would cause upset, the funeral may be closed to the public or you are too ill to attend. We encourage you to ensure that you tell the family as early on as possible, arrange a sympathy gift (if appropriate) and try to show your support in another way. We have a team of experienced funeral directors who can help support you and your family through these difficult times. For more advice, read through our latest blog post or speak to a member of the team here today.