Wallace Stuart provides an award-winning, independent funeral directors service in Somerset. We understand that planning a funeral can be a daunting task and having the right information at your fingertips helps with the entire process. We have pulled together years of experience and knowledge to assist you throughout this entire process.

Scroll through and read our latest posts here today. We’ll show you new developments within the funeral industry, including new styles of coffin to best suit your loved one and different ideas to mark their life properly. Our team will help you understand the different ways to personalise a funeral and cherished gifts that can forever mark the memory of someone you’ve lost. We will bring you book ideas to help younger children deal with grief, advice on how funeral insurance works and how to choose the perfect funeral director for your family. With every post, we will help you better understand the options available to you and the ways in which you can craft a service to remember.

Wallace Stuart are the first and only all female owned and managed funeral directors in Somerset – providing a more gentle, personal approach to funeral care.

technology and funerals
Embracing Technology and Virtual Memorial Services

This blog explores the key trends in the funeral industry, focusing on the integration of technology and the rise of virtual memorial services.

memorial candles
Memorialising Loved Ones

Creative Ways to Honour and Remember a Loved One’s Legacy Losing a loved one is one of life’s most profound…

The Heritage Burial Shroud
The Heritage Burial Shroud

The Heritage Burial Shroud is a unique and environmentally friendly option for burials. It offers an alternative to traditional coffins

Donating your body to science
Leaving your body to science

We have recently helped a family whose loved one left their body to science. It was an interesting journey.

A day in the life of a funeral director
Day in the life of a funeral director

The day starts with a 3am call-out to one of our lovely local nursing homes. Even in the early hours, the staff of the home line the hallway as we take a much loved lady into our care.

Wool Felt Burial Shrouds
Wool Felt Burial Shrouds

Freedom to be different is embraced at Wallace Stuart so we offer a range of alternatives to traditional wooden coffins that can reflect your loved ones personality and beliefs.

Wine Gum Coffin
Coffin Choices

Coffin choices can bring a great deal of comfort; they allow families and friends to honour uniqueness and individuality. See how two of our families chose to do this …

coffinless funeral - The Mave
Coffinless Cremation

In March we were contacted by a lovely family who wanted to arrange a coffinless  cremation…with one exception…they wanted to also use a traditional hearse…

Mum silk floral tributes
Let’s Talk Funeral Flowers

There is no doubt that funeral flowers convey a thousand words, but this year has seen a serious rise in the cost of flowers – especially the base flower used for many named tributes.

Bereavement Support Resources for Families
Bereavement Support Resources for Families

Bereavement support resources for families. A comprehensive list of bereavement support resources for families, including websites, organisations, and other helpful information.

memory tags on a wicker coffin
3 Ways to Design a Personalised Coffin

There are many ways to design a personalised coffin. You can choose from a range of designs, colours and materials.

popular funeral songs
5 Most Popular Funeral Songs

Finding the right funeral song to fit your loved one can be rather difficult, so we’ve compiled some of the most popular songs for you to play when they’re gone.

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