For something unique, choose a willow or wicker coffin for burial or cremation. With willow that has been grown and woven here in our own County, it has a unique beauty that many families find in-keeping for their loved ones. You can select your type of willow, from wicker willow and eco-coffins through to bespoke willow coffins to exact specifications. Alongside this, there are many different shapes and colours, including calico interior dressing and solid-wooden nameplates. Here at Wallace Stuart Limited, we offer a wide range of willow coffins from Musgrove Willows and Somerset Willow. We also support P H Coates who are another company who will kindly sell their coffins directly to the public – we will help our families as much as they need with this option : it helps to keep prices down considerably.

Willow Coffins

One of the companies we use at Wallace Stuart Limited is Somerset Willow Coffins. Their eco-friendly coffins are ideal for green funerals. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or want to be considerate to the burial ground, they are a beautiful option.

Bespoke Wicker-Willow Coffins

A family-run local business, Musgrove Willow creates beautifully crafted and personalised wicker willow coffins. Working with their families, they allow you to choose the colour and type of willow. This is then woven into a design that suits your loved one perfectly. They can also make the coffin liners in a families own chosen materials, making it immensely personal.

Freedom to Create Bespoke Funerals

Wallace Stuart is an established Lady Bridgwater Funeral Directors and Funeral Home. Conveniently located between Minehead and Yeovil, we bring together beautifully crafted funerals that allow you to say goodbye in your own way. We are passionate about finding solutions to every single request:

‘‘We love talking through your funeral ideas and will always try to say ‘Yes’. Or simply invite our suggestions and we’ll do our best to help you.’
   – Sarah and Lel, Wallace Stuart Limited

From home burials to huge military funerals, we are privileged to look after each and every person that rests with us. We work hard to meet every single need while ensuring our prices are kept as low as possible too. If you would like to discover more coffin options or to speak to a member of our team, get in contact.