Here at Wallace Stuart, we offer personalised and sympathetic memorial services which allow you to say goodbye to your loved one the way you wish. Some families opt for a private, non-attended cremation service and then pay their respects the way they think is fitting on a later, specific date, such as a birthday or anniversary. Either way, Sarah and Lel can help you to plan and execute a loving memorial service that pays homage to the legacy of the one you’ve lost.

How to Arrange a Memorial Service in Somerset?

Organising a memorial service is rarely something our clients have previous experience in. However, unlike burials or cremations, many families use these occasions to celebrate their loved one’s life and all of the joy they created. Memorial services are also called ‘celebrations of life’ because that’s exactly what they are – an opportunity to truly mark the life of someone special.

The beauty of these services is that they can take place anywhere. Many of our families choose to hold them in village halls, their local church or even their own homes. Choosing to host a memorial service in a private venue can allow you the opportunity to remove the grief and simply mark the character and interests of your loved one.

We can help you to plan a memorial service that meets every need and we are happy to chat with you any ideas you may have.

Unattended Direct Cremations

For those choosing to hold a memorial service at a later time, it may be the right decision for your family to select a direct cremation for your loved one. Also known as a ‘non-attendance’ cremation, these unattended services are chosen for several reasons especially due to the regulations that are in place at the moment due to Covid-19. These services are also a more affordable option. During these dignified services, the funeral director will take the coffin, place it onto the catafalque and allow the curtains to close. You may choose a piece of music to be played. Many families opt for a direct cremation as it allows them to hold a memorial at a later date.

Affordable Pure Cremation

Supporting you throughout this emotional time is our focus here at Wallace Stuart. To do this, we have put together an all-inclusive, affordable cremation package. We will look after the deceased and organise a non-attended cremation. Within 10 days, the cremated remains will be available for collection from us.

Our all-inclusive price is £995.

Ready for help, just call Sarah or Lel on 01278 664400.