Flowers play a key role in funerals and the morning period. They are used as a sign of respect, a celebration of life and a way of personalising these emotional send-offs. For many, bringing flowers is a way of marking the life of someone they loved. Laying flowers on a gravestone can reignite past memories and ensure the memory of the deceased is never lost. When it comes to planning a funeral, it can feel daunting to tick every box while dealing with your own emotions during this tough time. The flowers you choose are always a personal choice however, having an understanding of the top flowers used for sympathy arrangements can help make the decision considerably easier, even a single flower placed on the coffin can offer the most beautiful sentiment and families do not have to spend a fortune on flowers.

So, here are 6 of the most commonly used flowers in funerals and their connections with grief, respect and celebration of life.


Used since the time of the ancient Greeks, lilies have long been linked to innocence. For this reason, they are synonymous with funerals, standing as a representation of the soul of the deceased as they move back to a place of peace and rest. They also symbolize the restoration of innocence and were used on the Virgin Mary’s tomb too.


These sun-worshipping flowers have strong stems and are commonly used to celebrate this strength of character in the deceased. They are seen as a symbol of sincerity and mortal integrity with a wide range of coloured petals to choose from.


Carnations are a symbol of love, admiration and remembrance. They are a long-lasting option that promises to stay looking fresh during the period after the burial or cremation. The most common colour for funerals is white – a sign of pure and eternal love.


These beautiful blooms have intricate petals and represent different things, depending on where you are in the world. In Asia, they symbolise grief while in other locations, they act as a positive celebration of the life of the one you have lost. Because of their close affiliation with love and joy, they are often chosen in multiple colours for funerals.


One of the most versatile flowers out there, roses can represent different things depending on their colour. Red roses are widely used in weddings or as a sign of love while white roses stand as a symbol of humility and innocence. Deep pink roses are sometimes used to express the thankfulness of the deceased and can be mixed in with other flowers to strengthen a specific message.


Orchids have a strong connection with grief and love. They symbolise everlasting love and are a universally favoured funeral across the world, whether used on their own or alongside others in an arrangement.

No matter what flowers you choose, make sure they have an emotional feeling or connection to you and your family. At Wallace Stuart Ltd, we offer a respectful and supportive lady funeral planning service to support you and your family. For support finding the right funeral flowers while dealing with these challenging times, get in contact and let’s talk.