The Heritage Burial Shroud

Constantly looking for alternatives, at Wallace Stuart we are conscious that more and more of our families are requesting more environmentally friendly burials.

The Heritage Burial Shroud is a unique and environmentally friendly option for burials.

It offers an alternative to traditional coffins by providing a simple and direct connection with nature. We are part of Nature, not apart from her, and this is the simplest and most eloquent expression of this connection.

The shroud is made from materials sourced from the local region, specifically these isles, and it comes in two certified options: organic cream felt and regenerative natural brown felt.

The shroud is designed with multiple layers of folded felt, providing a smooth outline when wrapped. This distinctive feature sets it apart from conventional cloth wraps and gives it a papoose-like appearance. The use of woolly cocoon-like wrapping symbolises our inherent connection with nature, emphasising that we are a part of nature rather than separate from it.

The Heritage Burial Shroud is versatile and can be used in various burial settings. It is suitable for cemeteries, churchyards, natural burial grounds, and even home burials. Additionally, some crematoria may accept the shroud with the help of an adapted board, which can be provided for an additional fee.

Overall, the Heritage Burial Shroud offers a simple, eloquent, and environmentally conscious choice for burial, promoting a deeper connection with nature and a more sustainable approach.