Cremations are becoming a popular way for people to lay their loved ones to rest. Many families find comfort in being able to scatter a loved one’s ashes in a location that feels close to their heart. Maybe this is within the family garden, in a corner where they once whiled away the hours with the sunshine of their face. Or, maybe that’s in an ocean that took them on unforgettable adventures. The location in which you choose to scatter ashes will likely become a memorial spot, where friends and family can go to feel close to the individual. So it should be a careful consideration made by those who knew them the best.

Here are 3 of the most popular places that families have chosen to scatter ashes over the years.

  1. On Private Land

For many of us, our homes and the land we grew up on has a unique type of sentimental meaning. It could be the place in which we first brought home our children. Or the fields that we spent many hours kicking a ball around in during our childhood years. Scattering ashes on private land gives you the ultimate freedom – as long as you have permission from the owner, you can scatter them wherever feels right. This also makes it easier to re-visit the site over the years and pay your respects, especially on special occasions.

  1. At Sea

In other instances, there is a strong connection to the sea within families. This can make scattering ashes as sea the most logical option. In this instance, you don’t need permission from any landowner or a license in order to perform this act. However, you must make sure that you abide by the recommendations of the Environment Agency. They state that ashes should only be scattered at least 1km upstream from water collection points and away from buildings, marinas and places where people swim.

  1. On A Family Grave

If it’s important to keep loved ones together after they pass, you may wish to scatter ashes on an existing family grave site. As long as you own the right of burial for the grave, this is entirely legal. And, it gives you a fixed spot with a marker where you can return to feel close to the one you’ve lost.

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