The funeral of a loved one is often the last time that people get to say farewell.

It is an emotional time where families and friends come together to celebrate the life of someone who touched their lives. And, often, hymns are played to bring the entire congregation together and bring comfort to everyone who is attending. Choosing the right hymn can seem like a significant task – you want something that personifies the footstep this person has left and also celebrates everything that made them wonderful. Which is why we’re bringing you a list of our top 5 funeral hymns here to help with this decision.

  • 1. Jerusalem by William Blake

With lyrics taken from a short poem written in 1804, Jerusalem has been composed by Sir Hubert Parry. It has an uplifting melody that lifts everyone up out of their sorrow. Being as it is a short hymn with only 2 verses, it is ideal for shorter ceremonies and is regularly played towards the end.

  • 2. The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Regularly used in Christian services, this hymn has a hopeful undertone. It speaks of guidance and comfort – two things that people regularly find themselves searching for during times of grief. And, being well-known, it is likely that attendees will be able to join in if they wish.

  • 3. Lord of All Hopefulness

Written in the 20th century by Jan Struther, this is possibly the most popular hymn for UK funerals. It is hopeful and provides a sense of strength to those grieving. It is generally sung along with the Irish folk song, Slane.

  • 4. Be Not Afraid

With it’s uplifting and joyful undertones, Be Not Afraid is a popular and modern hymn choice. It talks about finding strength in God during hard times and encourages attendees not to be afraid as God will always walk alongside them.

  • 5. Abide With Me

This hymn has a powerful message. It asks God for comfort and help during dark times and has been known to help support those in grieving.

Choosing the right hymn for the funeral of a loved one should come down to personal preference. Ask yourself – was there a specific message that resonated with the one you’ve lost? Is there a special message of hope or support that you think your friends and family will benefit from? Seek the advice of those closest to you and remember that this one day should feel like the perfect celebration of a truly wonderful life.

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