If your loved one has always wanted a simple memorial service in favour of a large burial or cremation ceremony, Lel and Sarah can help to organise this. For many families, the right decision for them is to organise an unattended direct cremation. A dignified send-off that is not attended by friends or family can help you to keep prices as low as possible while still being respectful. We can organise a direct cremation at Sedgemoor Crematorium with the compassion and attention-to-detail given to each individual person.

Respectful, compassionate and dignified farewell without the high price tag.

Wallace Stuarts’ Taunton funeral services offer you the flexibility and freedom to celebrate the life of your loved one. As such, we are always open to new suggestions. Whether it’s an unattended direct cremation or a family-led funeral, we would be privileged to care for your loved one. Please read on to discover more about these options.

Unattended Direct Cremations

Direct cremations are also known as “Non-Attendance” cremations. Our local Taunton and Sedgemoor crematoriums offer their early time slots of 8.30 am and 9 am at a more affordable price. The price we offer covers the coffin being taken to the crematorium, a special piece of music being played and the full support of a funeral director to help the family with paperwork. The coffin will be placed on to the catafalque and the curtains will close around it.

Many of the families that choose this route want to, instead, hold a memorial service that celebrates the joy their loved one brought to everyone’s life. Once the direct cremation has taken place, the cremated remains are returned to the family a few days later. At all times, the same care and dignity is given to the deceased and to support the family.

Coffin Free Cremations

We were proud to be the first Somerset Funeral Director to offer our coffin-free cremations. Using just a charging board and the deceased wrapped in a shroud, these eco-friendly cremations are a popular choice for many families. The shroud can be a favourite blanket of the deceased or a plain sheet – the choice is entirely up to you. We also offer our facilities for families to come in and look after their loved ones themselves. And, our female only-run team can assist with dressing the deceased and arranging hairdressers or makeup, if required.

Please Note: We are unable to offer coffin-less cremations during the COVID pandemic.

Wallace Stuart has carried out funeral’s ranging from home burials to military funerals. Above all, we are privileged to look after each and every person that rests with us.

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