Wallace Stuart believe that a “good” funeral service does not have to be expensive. We want you to be proud that you did the very best for your loved one.

“Every funeral director has a very special responsibility because we are entrusted with two precious things: The physical remains of a loved one and the chance to help their family begin to heal.”

Lel and Sarah provide a professional and respectful funeral service. Therefore, understanding the needs of our families is of utmost importance to us. Consequently, we are fully aware that our families appreciate being treated as individuals. Caring for people is what we do best and we believe that we offer a funeral service that is second to none.

“We truly empathise with you and appreciate what you are going through. Our caring approach and natural way with people, are key to everything we do.” Sarah

In all sectors of business today there are large companies that make their profits by taking over small firms. The funeral profession is no exception. Historically, many businesses have been swallowed up by the giants. The trouble is, there usually isn’t any change of the name above the door. So you don’t know if it’s still managed by the original owners. So without asking, you might never know if this company has been taken over. Therefore, do they still make the decisions about the service you receive when you make funeral arrangements?


We promise that by offering an affordable funeral, we will find the right balance between giving each family what they need and keeping the costs as low as possible. More importantly, our service is a natural extension of our commitment to making dignified, affordable funerals more widely available in Somerset.

“This is the last respectful thing we can do for a loved one. Every funeral we do is individual and it is a great honour to be selected by you. It is of utmost importance to us to be given the responsibility of a funeral by a family.” – Lel


You will get personal attention at all times from either Lel or Sarah.The buck stops with us not a branch manager, area manager or regional manager.

We usually conduct funerals wearing formal dress. A traditional top-hats and frock coats for both and we offer key marks of respect. For example, walking the hearse away from our funeral home or your family home. Alternatively, if you prefer that we wear more casual clothing, then we are more than happy to accommodate any request. Jeans and wellies are just as acceptable, see “do it your way funerals”!

We want to meet your current needs and build a relationship of trust. So that you will return to us in the future. We have a long-term commitment to our community. This is where we plan to stay.

Treat us as family. We are always ready to help and will always be here when you need us. Whether, you need a Taunton funeral director or indeed for anywhere throughout Somerset, we are ready to help you.