“Every funeral director has a very special responsibility because we are entrusted with two precious things: The physical remains of a loved one and the chance to help their family begin to heal.”

We know that people’s perceptions and wishes for funerals are ever changing.

Daytime television shows non-stop adverts for direct, non-attended cremations and Covid-19 restrictions during the pandemic showed families that there is a simpler, more cost effective way of carrying out funerals.

Many of our families are choosing direct, non-attended cremations but why choose us and not larger corporate companies? For one, we look after your loved one locally. They are not driven half way across the country into “central holding hubs”. They are cared for in our North Petherton office and cremation takes place at Sedgemoor Crematorium. Secondly, the care the deceased gets from us is the same high level as it would be if you chose more expensive options: chapel visits, washing and dressing the deceased – all exactly the same as we would always do.

We also know there will always be a place for a traditional funeral. Some families still have a need for a traditional funeral with a hearse, family car and flowers and everything that goes with it and they try and keep their prices as low as possible to keep this an option for families.

“This is the last respectful thing we can do for a loved one. Every funeral we do is individual and it is a great honour to be selected by you. It is of utmost importance to us to be given the responsibility of a funeral by a family.” 

Decorating caskets - funeral prices

Sarah and Lel started the business in 2010 – two friends, each with a different background but one single goal: to do funerals differently.

We wanted to push some boundaries and boy did we do that – from coffin-less cremations to our local friendly drop in groups called “Coffee and Coffins”. We got people talking about death, we blew the lid on myths and old fashioned traditions and made people sit up and say “There is a different way”

All personal care is carried out by us – from washing to dressing the deceased.

Why is that so important?

For woman, being dressed by a strange man can seem mortifying especially if they have had surgery or life changing operations. For men, the thought of their wives or partners or daughters being dressed by a man, when they may have never been seen by another man before, is horrifying.

That is why we opened as all lady funeral directors – we are not feminists – we are just approaching an ever changing industry gently.  We have a small team of male bearers who have been with us since we opened and we trust them to carry out our work with the same dignity and care that we do. It is incredibly important and comforting to our families.

We usually conduct funerals wearing formal dress. A traditional top-hats and frock coats for both and we offer key marks of respect. For example, walking the hearse away from our funeral home or your family home. Alternatively, if you prefer that we wear more casual clothing, then we are more than happy to accommodate any request. Jeans and wellies are just as acceptable!

We want to meet your current needs and build a relationship of trust. So that you will return to us in the future. We have a long-term commitment to our community. This is where we plan to stay.

Treat us as family. We are always ready to help and will always be here when you need us.