When you are notified about the funeral of a loved you, it’s common to come up against a number of questions. And, one we hear regularly at Wallace Stuart is, ‘What should I wear?’. With funerals being one of the only events that tend to follow traditional structures, the prospect of choosing the wrong outfit can be daunting. However, it’s important to remember that the funeral is a day for you to celebrate and say your farewells to a loved one. Your outfit should be respectful of this and in keeping with what the family have requested. In this blog, we’ll take a look at traditional funeral attire.

Do I need to wear black?

Wearing black has long been accepted as a mark of respect for the deceased. This originated from the 19th century and is a sign that the wearer is in mourning. For many funerals, black is universally accepted as being the most suitable colour to wear. However, it’s important to pay attention to the information provided by the family. Some feel that black is too formal, too stuffy and not suited to the bright, vibrant personality of the deceased. Instead, they may request navy blues or darker greys as an alternative. Or, you may find that they want to completely break the mould and ask guests to dress in colourful attire in true celebratory style.

Do I need to wear a suit?

Funerals are generally formal events. Traditionally men would always wear suits to formal events, including funerals. Etiquette states that a suit should always be the first port of call when choosing an outfit for this type of event. However, this isn’t always possible for a number of reasons. Budget, time of year or even the deceased own personal preference are all reasons why this may not be suitable. However, unless you have been specifically requested by the family, it’s common courtesy to dress smart. Trousers and a shirt or jumper is perfectly suitable. And if you’re looking at skirts or dresses, choosing one that cuts below the knee is best.

Personalised requests

As we mentioned above, funerals can be personalised to suit the wants of the deceased. Therefore, you may be asked to turn your back on tradition entirely when it comes to funeral wear. If we could give you one piece of advice it would be to go formal unless you have been requested otherwise by the family.

Here at Wallace Stuart, we offer an award-winning and personalised funeral directors service to support your family. If you have any questions about funeral attire or would like to speak to us, let’s talk.