Wallace Stuart prides itself on offering a respectful, supportive and caring female funeral service to each and every one of our families. We understand how challenging these times can be. Not only are you processing the loss of a loved one, but you’re on call to make some pretty significant decisions at a time where emotions are running high. As lady funeral directors, we strive to become part of these decisions and provide a safe shoulder to rest on. Many of our families tell us that having women in charge of our business provides them with added security. So, in this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the reasons you may choose to work with a lady funeral director.

Sympathetic Approach

Losing anyone, be it a family member or close friend, is hard. We understand that. In an ideal world, we would be left to deal with this loss for some time before we had to think about funerals, cremations or coffins. With these decisions being so vital to providing a respectful resting place for the deceased, we ensure that every single family that chooses to work with us gets our personalised and sympathetic approach. We become an extension of your family, providing our uninterrupted condolences and standing alongside you as you make those challenging decisions.


For many husbands and partners, having a lady funeral director allows them to offer their loved ones the privacy they would have wanted. A long and happy married life has meant that these moments have always been private. During situations such as dressing and casketing the body, we are able to offer a discreet and respectful environment that puts their loved ones at ease. Equally, many women select us if they have had invasive surgery and are looking for a soft, respectful offering during this time.


One of the things we pride ourselves on is offering a personal service that appropriately celebrates the wants and life of your loved one. From selecting the right coffin through to opting for the music they loved or flowers that always bloomed in their gardens. Our focus on detail and supportive measures allow our families to create ceremonies that just feel right.

Wallace Stuart is proud to be a full lady funeral director with the support and guidance to help you at this difficult time. Contact us today to learn more about our personalised, sympathetic and supportive services.