Wool Felt Burial ShroudsFreedom to be different is embraced at Wallace Stuart so we offer a range of alternatives to traditional wooden coffins that can reflect your loved ones personality and beliefs.

One alternative is a Bellacouche Leaf Cocoon, a woolly cocoon, hand made, soft alternative to a conventional coffin, with sturdy integrated frame, adaptable to any size or weight.

The use of woollen felt burial shrouds is often chosen by those who have requested either a green or natural burial. Green burials emphasise environmental sustainability and reduce the impact on the Earth. Wool, being a natural and renewable resource, is considered an eco-friendly material choice for a burial shroud. They are also chosen by those who just do not like the idea of being placed into a coffin;this choice is incredibly soft and beautiful.


There are several benefits to using wool felt burial shrouds:

  • Biodegradability: Wool is a natural fibre that readily decomposes over time, allowing the body to return to the earth more easily. This aligns with the principles of green burial, which seeks to minimise the use of non-biodegradable materials.
  • Sustainability: Wool is a renewable resource and can be harvested without causing harm to sheep. It is a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fabrics or chemically treated materials.
  • Comfort: Felt can create a more natural and peaceful environment during burial.
  • Aesthetics and personalisation: Wool shrouds are available in different colours and designs, allowing for personalisation and customisation to reflect the individual’s preferences or cultural traditions.

Wool Shrouds

At Wallace Stuart we use a local company to produce a range of shrouds from felt and natural materials. Handmade in Devon, the Leaf-cocoon is a complete coffin and nothing else is needed.

Suitable for burial in any graveyard, cemetery, or natural burial site. Fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

You can also attend their premises to help designs the outer layer. This layer can be used as a beautiful keepsake as it simply toggles off the main frame, leaving a plain layer of felt underneath.

Bespoke designs are also available upon request.

For more information on these products visit https://www.bellacouche.com/